Cụm danh từ - Bài luyện số 4

10/30/2018 8:46:14 AM

Match the noun phrases in brackets to the patterns. A=adjective; D=determiner; N=noun; Q=quantifier.

  • (Many buildings) were destroyed in the earthquake.
  • (Few of her colleagues) are married.
  • Did you know (his elder brother) had emigrated to New Zealand?
  • (Elephants) are the largest land animals.
  • In fact, (some of my best friends) are journalists.
  • For years (the house) had no electricity.

Match the types of postmodifiers at the top to the words in brackets in the sentences.

  • It's not hard to find a good place (to eat).
  • He's the writer (whose book changed my life)
  • I've always had the idea (that they didn't really suit each other).
  • The man (at the bar) wants to buy you a drink.
  • I'll always remember the day (we first met).
  • Who's that woman (wearing the light blue dress)?