Science Grade 2 Vocab review - Weather and Seasons

1/30/2019 9:51:38 AM
10 questions extracted from Mobymax (Science, Grade 2), to help you review some basic vocabulary about weather and seasons. To learn more about this topic, get a Mobymax learning account (by going to

Wind is _____.

  • moving air
  • hot air
  • cold air
  • air with rain
An anemometer is __________.
  • a tool used to predict if rain is coming
  • a tool used to measure the temperature of rain
  • a tool used to measure wind direction
  • a tool used to measure wind speed
The definition of a meteorologist is __________.
  • a person who studies the weather
  • a person who follows storms
  • a person who makes videos about weather
  • none of the above

Evaporation is _____.

  • clouds that begin to melt
  • water that turns into clouds
  • when the energy from the Sun turns water into water vapor
  • water that falls from the sky and collects in rivers, lakes, and oceans
Condensation is __________.
  • when water turns into big snowballs as it travels into the sky
  • when water cools down and turns into wind
  • when water vapor gets cold in the sky and changes into tiny droplets of water and ice
  • when water collects in the ocean
Precipitation is __________.
  • when water travels up to the sky because of the Sun's energy
  • water that fails from the clouds in the form of rain, snow, hail, or sleet
  • when water vapor turns into clouds in the sky
  • very strong wind
What is a drought?
  • a long period of time with no rain
  • a small hurricane
  • a big storm
  • a long period of time of rain

What is the definition of a flood?

  • a large storm that forms over warm ocean waters
  • when houses are blown over by strong wind
  • when there is not enough rain in a given place
  • when too much water falls on a given place

A tornado is _____.

  • a storm that starts over a warm ocean and brings strong winds
  • a storm that starts over a warm ocean and brings heavy rain
  • a long period of time with no rain
  • a storm with a funnel shaped cloud and strong winds that moves along a narrow path

A hurricane is _____.

  • a long period of time without rain
  • a storm that brings heavy rain and strong winds
  • a strong storm that creates thick fog
  • a very strong storm that causes heavy snow